The Unmasking

Writing Prompt for today: an unmasking or unveiling. Is your villain going to do a monologue about her evil plans? Or does your superhero become exposed? Or what about that liar down the street who is nicknamed “Chicken Little”? Or maybe your protagonist has been sneaking off to make pottery. Write all about it and feel free to share with us!

Writo de Mayo is Over but Not The Fun!

There’s a supposedly scientific saying that it takes 21 days to make a habit. It all depends on the person. Sometimes it takes 18 days. Or 66. Or 254 until whatever you’re trying to turn into a habit becomes automatic or second nature.

Goals for Writo de Mayo always vary. I consider any movement towards making those goals something that can be marked “done” as success!

Everyone still here deserves a bit of fanfare and admiration.

Throughout the year look for more writing exercises. And fun! I’m going to set some mini-challenges the next few months to help make the road to NaNoWriMo easier for everyone.