C is for Chimera

C is for Chimera

This installment of Rhonda Parrish’s alphabet anthology series asks skilled storytellers to write around the theme of chimera. The resulting tales are part fable, part poem, part dream. But like any chimera, the parts make up a greater whole.

Blend reality with fantasy. Mesh science fiction with mystery. Mix history with what should have been. They are all chimera.

A shadow tells a tale of schoolyard bullies. A long-vanished monster returns from the cold dark. Make-up makes up a life. Alchemy, Atlantis, and apocalypse. These 26 tales bring both chaos and closure to dark and elusively fantastic geographies.

Contributing authors include:

~ Alexandra Seidel ~ KV Taylor ~ Marge Simon ~ Pete Aldin ~ Michael M. Jones ~ Simon Kewin ~ BD Wilson ~ Gabrielle Harbowy ~ Sara Cleto ~ Megan Engelhardt ~ Michael Fosburg ~ Megan Arkenberg ~ Lilah Wild ~ Laura VanArendonk Baugh ~ Milo James Fowler ~ Brittany Warman ~ Michael B. Tager ~ L.S. Johnson ~ Beth Cato ~ C.S. MacCath ~ Sammantha Kymmell-Harvey ~ Steve Bornstein ~ Suzanne van Rooyen ~ Michael Kellar ~ Jonathan C. Parrish ~ Amanda C. Davis ~

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Praise for C is for Chimera:

“There was such a wide selection that there is bound to be something in there for almost everyone… I enjoyed many of the stories, with their darker tones and twisted plot.”
Elesha Teskey

Writer / Blogger, Shadows and Two Imps

“What originally attracted me to this collection was the thought of reading so many tales about chimeras. I was curious to see how twenty-six different writers would approach the same idea, and in many cases their twists on the topic were incredibly creative and memorable.”

Reviewer, Long and Short Reviews

C is for Chimera invokes both the mythological beast and the Frankenstein’s monster of modern science, and the stories cover everything from traditional folk stories to far-future science fiction, and range from straightforward tales to offerings I’d define more as prose poems… I dare say it’s an anthology with something for just about anyone who likes short speculative fiction.”
Jennifer Crow

Author, First Bite of the Apple

“I enjoyed this anthology and highly recommend this to anyone who loves speculative fiction and short stories of the weird and wonderful.”
Stephanie A. Cain

Author, Stormsinger

“I was impressed with the scope of this anthology and the breadth of imagination the authors brought to their letter of the alphabet. Some of these tales might not make comfortable bedtime reading…but if you are looking for something to read in short sittings and you’re open to many genres within the literature of the fantastic, then C is for Chimera is an enjoyable choice.”
Barbara Tomporowski

Author and Reviewer

“I’m a fan of Rhonda Parrish’s anthologies, and, as always, this one is great.”
S.L. Saboviec

Author, Guarding Angel

“The chimeras in the collection, all creatures of mixed parts, are sometimes monstrous and sometimes wondrous. While each story has its own tone and style, together they bring the reader on a strange and fascinating journey.”
Tabitha Lord

Senior Writer, Book Club Babble

C is for Chimera Press Kit

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ISBN-10: 1988233003

Series: Alphabet Anthologies

Cover art: Jonathan C. Parrish
Cover design: Jonathan C. Parrish
Story title art: Jonathan C. Parrish