Dark Waters Cover

Water doesn’t need to be deep to be dark.

A remote lake where the locals wear iron anklets for protection, a ghost ship, a goddess, a pearl diver who finds much more than she’s looking for, the true story about a familiar fairy tale and more all lurk within these pages.

Featuring dark fantasy and horror by Chris Black, Rob E. Boley, Rose Chisnall, Megan M. Davies-Ostrom, Sharmon Gazaway, Rowena McGowan, Derek Newman-Stille, Thomas Vaughn and Lex Vranick, Dark Waters explores the darker side of water and the creatures that inhabit it. The horrors both above and below.

Proceed with caution.

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“Peter Benchley and Jaws never kept me out of the water, but this book edited by Rhonda Parrish might!”


Reader and reviewer

“The book is a reflection of the danger and beauty that really do lurk just below the surface. Or maybe in the deepest, coldest depths.”

Cat Jenkins

Author and reviewer

“These are tales of the things that would go bump in the night if they weren’t hidden under the waves and blending in with the seaweed… “Dark Waters” is an enjoyable yet very dark collection of horror stories. Wait for the evening to come, and turn the lights low. Four stars.”

Dee Arr

Amazon Reviewer

ISBN 978-1-988233-83-3 (Physical)
ISBN 978-1-988233-84-0 (Electronic)

Cover art: Psycat Covers

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