B is for Broken

E is for Evil contains twenty-six individual stories which each shine a different light on the multi-faceted idea that is evil. Running the gamut from lyrical fantasy to gritty horror in these stories possessed toys, hellish bureaucrats, scientists with questionable morals, abusive partners and even lingerie sellers all take their turn in the spotlight.

Featuring fresh new stories from Michael Fosburg, Lynn Hardaker, Stephanie A. Cain, Andrew Bourelle, Suzanne J. Willis, Samantha Kymmell-Harvey, Hal J. Friesen, C.S. MacCath, Michael B. Tager, Jonathan C. Parrish, Amanda C. Davis, Lilah Wild, Sara Cleto, Alexandra Seidel, Mary Alexander Agner, Cory Cone, Jeanne Kramer-Smyth, Beth Cato, Laura VanArendonk Baugh, Megan Engelhardt, Danielle Davis, Brittany Warman, BD Wilson, L.S. Johnson, Pete Aldin and Michael M. Jones.

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Praise for E is for Evil:

“There are 26 stories, one for each letter of the alphabet. Part of the fun is figuring out the full title of each story, which is only revealed at the end. I hit about half of them on the head, and came close on most of the rest, but there were a few where I thought “why didn’t I think of that” when I read the title.”


Goodreads Reviewer

No two stories are the same. If you love horror… or you want to experience horror on a level that is beyond guts and gore (though it has some of that too) I highly recommend trying this anthology. ”


Goodreads Reviewer

“E is for Evil is a fun, quirky, and thoroughly entertaining anthology which is sure to have something for every type of reader. It is absolutely worth the time for anyone who enjoys imaginative and thought-provoking literature.”


Reviewer, Brad OH Inc.

“Featuring ghosts and demons, goblins and witches, zombies, werewolves and vampires, there is more than enough here for readers to sink their teeth into. One of the overarching themes of the stories is the great truth that most of the evil in this world is perpetrated by human beings, either as individuals or as groups… The stories are varied and mostly quite short – just the thing for a stimulating bedtime read.”

Jack Messenger

Goodreads Reviewer

ISBN: 978-1-988233-33-8 (physical)
978-1-988233-34-5 (electronic)

Series: Alphabet Anthologies

Cover art: Licensed from Depositphotos.com
Cover design: Jonathan Parrish

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