Waste Not (And Other Funny Zombie Stories)

A collection of ghost stories that will touch you, thrill you and send chills down your spine.

The Other Side of the Door – Aric and his abusive father live in a house by the sea. Ever since his mother died things have been difficult and memories of her haunt the place. Then, one night, that all changes…

Cold Comfort – Bethanny is lost in the woods, slowly freezing to death, when she stumbles across a house. But does salvation or damnation reside on the other side of its door?

A Voice Too Many – A sing-song poem about a voice which should not be.

A Million Pieces — A Christmas miracle brings a heartbroken woman’s dead lover back to her. But can she use his illness to her advantage to keep him here with her?

Coming Storm — In a world where mages are enslaved, discriminated against and starting to fight back ghosts are created in a most unusual way…

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Praise for The Other Side of the Door:

“Excellent group of short stories which will creep you out and leave you wanting more. Definitely worth reading. Parrish is my new favorite horror author.”

Janice Drake

Goodreads Reviewer

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