B is for Broken

F is for Fairy

Retellings of familiar favourites from new perspectives, and brand new stories share the pages of this fairy-themed collection. Within these offerings you’ll find fairy music and food, contracts (making and breaking them), changelings, circles and curses–these stories deliver all the things you already love about fairies and a few new tricks as well.

E is for Evil

E is for Evil contains twenty-six individual stories which each shine a different light on the multi-faceted idea that is evil. Running the gamut from lyrical fantasy to gritty horror in these stories possessed toys, hellish bureaucrats, scientists with questionable morals, abusive partners and even lingerie sellers all take their turn in the spotlight.
A is for Apocalypse

Prairie Starport

A collection of short stories, essays and interviews in celebration of Candas Jane Dorsey.

Contains work by Timothy J. Anderson, Greg Bechtel, Eileen Bell, Gregg Chamberlain, Alexandrea Flynn and Annalise Glinker, Barb Galler-Smith, Anita Jenkins, Laina Kelly, Derryl Murphy, John Park, Rhonda Parrish, Ursula Pflug, Robert Runté, Diane L. Walton, BD Wilson and S.G. Wong.

A is for Apocalypse

D is for Dinosaur

Within these stories — set in alternative histories, far-flung futures and times just around the corner — dinosaurs whimper and waste away or roar and rage. People can be dinosaurs, as can ideas, fictions and flesh. Knitted dinosaurs share space with ghostly, genetically engineered and even narcotic ones.
C is for Chimera

C is for Chimera

“There was such a wide selection that there is bound to be something in there for almost everyone… I enjoyed many of the stories, with their darker tones and twisted plot.”

Elesha Teskey, Writer / Blogger, Shadows and Two Imps


C is for Chimera Cover Reveal & Giveaway

This installment of Rhonda Parrish’s alphabet anthology series asks skilled storytellers to write around the theme of chimera. The resulting tales are part fable, part poem, part dream. But like any chimera, the parts make up a greater whole. Blend reality with...

Pushcart Prize Nominations

Every year small press editors pick out their six strongest stories or poems and nominate them for the prestigious Pushcart Prize. Here at Poise and Pen Publications we do the same. Our task was not easy but from the anthology, B is for Broken, published in May...


Summer is drawing to a close and what better way to celebrate the end of summer than with a collection of stories about the end of the world? Right now, until August 31st you can pick up a copy of A is for Apocalypse for less than a dollar....

N is for Nanomachine (and News)

We are super excited to learn that C.S. MacCath's A is for Apocalypse story, N is for Nanomachine is one of the finalists for The Washington Science Fiction Association's 2015 Small Press Award for Short Fiction. Congratulations C.S. and good luck!